Transseptal Needle Wire

SafeSept provides a precise perforation of the interatrial septum and a safe guidance of the standard transseptal needle into the left atrium. The transseptal puncture is an important requirement e.g. for left atrial or ventricular ablation procedures, placement of left atrial appendage occlusion devices or mitral valve clips. Confirmation of the correct puncture can be done fluoroscopically. Numerous procedures with SafeSept world wide confirmed it to be the perfect tool for reaching the left atrium safe, reliable and fast. This is especially true for highly fibrotic septa or septum aneurysma.¹


  • Precise and smooth
  • Minimal force needed due to extra fine and sharp needle tip
  • Reliable puncture also when facing fibrosis or septum aneurysma
  • Safe transseptal puncture

  • Atraumatic J-shape immediately after septum perforation

  • Fluoroscopic visibility to safely confirm correct puncture site by x-ray only, pressure measurement or contrast injection not necessary but also possible (please ask)

  • Guidance for safe advancement of the transseptal standard needle

  • Fits all available transseptal standard needles